A Conversation with Dr. Song from Rockefeller Capital Management related to Covid-19


“The world is gradually emerging from various forms of lockdowns that have managed to flatten the curve in most countries. However, we are still far from eradicating COVID-19 and the risk remains that the outbreak could flare up again. Representing over 13% of the global equity investible universe, the healthcare industry has taken on a new level of importance as its various constituents are addressing the burden of COVID-19 infections while also racing to develop solutions in diagnostic, therapeutics, and vaccines. Dr. David Song, a senior member of Rockefeller Asset Management’s investment team with degrees as a Doctor of Medicine and PhD in Healthcare Management and Economics, is steeped in both the scientific and policy aspects of healthcare issues. Here is an interview with Dr. Song that addresses some of the key COVID-19 issues on the minds of investors as well as potential investment opportunities.”