Our investors know that all managers we contract with have undergone a thorough due diligence assessment by our research team, including site visits, service provider checks, reference and CV checking. We are unashamedly selective about the funds we represent.

Once signing a contract with a manager we will work with them to establish a bespoke marketing plan that allows the best use of their time and concentrates on the appropriate audience for their product in order to build a sustainable business in Europe.

Our aim is to raise assets within a clear time frame through different ways of communication to our investors; those include one on one meetings, investment lunches/ breakfasts or congress events. Regular fund manager visits are critical for our success in addition to the on-going dialogue that we provide on a daily basis as we benefit from our local presence.

We speak with each investor in their own language which helps creating strong relationships – however successful sales is far more complex than that; we have a deep understanding of the various investment cultures and buying behaviours of different investor segments across Europe. Marketing and selling to a UK wealth manager requires a very different approach to say, a Swiss private bank, a Dutch pension fund or a German family office.