Carbon Cap Management: Nature-based sequestration alone cannot offset all carbon – regulation & subsidy is needed too


‘The evidence is clear that government expenditures to protect our wetlands has a significantly positive return through multiple pathways including the sequestration of carbon. Given that nature based sequestration is part of the “fast carbon cycle”(20 to 100 year seqestration), it is less compatible with a carbon offset since actual CO2 emissions have a much … Continued

Mobius Capital Partners in Citywire: Shareholder returns are triple the benchmark!


‘Since launch the trust, which invests largely in medium-sized technology companies across emerging markets, has delivered shareholder returns of 23%, tripling the MSCI EM benchmark index’s 9%. Shares were trading at 122p on Friday, or a 12% discount to the latest net asset value of 141.3p per share.’ Link: Mobius: Gearing a possibility after strong … Continued

Mobius 5 Year Anniversary – Investment Day & Recording


‘The Mobius Investment Trust and Mobius Emerging Markets reached their five year track records with significant outperformance in the same week. MCP’s founding partners Mark Mobius and Carlos Hardenberg looked back on five extraordinary years since the strategy’s inception and provided an update on the portfolio, performance and strategy, as well as an outlook for … Continued

SUMA Capital in Partnership with Nippon Gases


‘SUMA Capital announces a new partnership with Nippon Gases, one of Europe’s leading medical and industrial companies, to develop biomethane projects, and contribute to the energy transition and decarbonisation in Spain’. Link: SUMA Capital Partnership with Nippon Gases

IR+M: US Convertibles Issuance


‘In 2023, investment-grade (IG) issuers have represented 34% of total issuance – a new record – with the first IG utility convert in nearly twenty years.’ For more please see: IRM and US Convertibles Issuance

PeakBridge VC establishes Impact Committee


PeakBridge VC, an Article 9 Agri-Tech Growth Fund 2, establishes an Impact Committee with the objective of  ‘aligning financial returns with broader and social environmental objectives’. Details here: PeakBridge VC’s Impact Committee

Maple-Brown Abbott – AI Risks & Opportunities, an ESG framework


AI: with great power comes great responsibility | Maple-Brown Abbott ..’ we expect organisations will need to adopt Responsible AI principles as a discrete component of broader self-regulation frameworks – and ahead of the enactment of regulatory frameworks underpinned by legislation. When we assess companies for inclusion in portfolios, indicators of the maturity of thinking … Continued