Maple-Brown Abbott: India vs China on a risk-reward basis


By Will Main, MBA’s PM for Asia and Emerging Markets ‘Fundamentally and geopolitically, India is currently in a relatively strong position. But Indian equities look fully priced with little room for disappointment. Meanwhile in China, much of the disappointment with the tepid post-pandemic recovery is reflected in equity valuations. On a risk-reward basis China looks … Continued

IR+M on the Dispersion on the Future Path of Rates


‘There is still a wide dispersion across market participants, and even amongst Fed officials, on the future path of rates. While some may make bets on the future path of rates, at IR+M, we prefer to avoid making such predictions and instead, stick to what we feel we do best – diligently scour the fixed … Continued

Mobius Capital Partners: The Economic Case for a Strong Company Culture, from a Gallup Study


Link: Globally, Employees Are More Engaged — and More Stressed ( ‘Gallup measures and tracks global employee engagement because it has significant linkages to many performance outcomes that organizations care about, including customer loyalty, employee retention and productivity. Gallup has published 10 iterations of its meta-analysis during major changes in the economy and technology. The ties to … Continued

MBA’s Global Listed Infra Fund – Potential Upside with TCFD


‘A more accelerated net zero emissions pathway could spell valuation upside for around 50% of companies held in Maple Brown Abbott’s Global Listed Infrastructure strategy.’ Link:

IR+M: The Debt Ceiling Risks


IR+M’s questions of concern are two-fold: 1) what would be the technical impact of a default on market operations? and 2) what would be the lasting impact on the economy if a ceiling-raising agreement significantly curtails fiscal spending? Link:

PeakBridge VC at the premier AgriTech conference in Wageningen, NL


PeakBridge VC will be in NL at F&A Next, the leading agri-food conference. ‘We are proud to announce our participation at F&A Next, the leading agri-food conference, taking place in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Our entire team, along with some of our portfolio companies and venture partners, will be present at the event. As a #FoodTech VC, we … Continued