IR+M: Live, Learn, Hedge well.


Instead of ‘predicting interest rates… and making bets on the direction, magnitude, and timing of rates, implementing Liability Driven Investing (LDI) may be the more careful action to take. IR+M can partner with you to create a dynamic LDI strategy that works for your needs and schedule. We welcome the opportunity to help increase the … Continued

Ocean 14 Capital & Ocean health: Can seaweed be used as a carbon sink?


Seaweed used as a carbon sink? ‘Whilst Ocean 14 Capital is certainly looking at this as an investment theme, for example as a bio-stimulant or protein source, from a carbon sequestration point of view we are still looking at the science and numbers of the life cycle of seaweed to understand whether or not it might … Continued

ESMA Publishes Final Report on the EU Carbon Market


From Dr Mike Azlen, Founder & CEO of Carbon Cap Management, ‘ESMA released the results of their study of the integrity of the European Carbon market and I was very pleased to see the conclusion that the market is functioning as it should with a good mix of both compliance entities and financial actors. Recognition … Continued

IR+M: Uncertainties around Inflation and subsequent Portfolio Impact


‘..Given the uncertainties around the future direction and timing of inflation, we have increased the quality and liquidity of our portfolios so that we are ready to “take what the market gives us”.’ Link: Inflation: It’s Just Transit….Errrrr – Income Research + Management

Welcome Mobius Capital Partners!


An Active Ownership Approach to Emerging and Frontier Market Equities. Founded in 2018 with experience of investing in emerging and frontier markets since 1987 Active ownership approach with a focus on ESG + C improvements Concentrated portfolio with >95% active share Significant co-investment from founding partners and employees Independent and 100% partner-owned Long-term investor base … Continued

Income Research + Management – De-risking into Long Duration Securitised Bonds


‘Record-high equity prices over the last year helped push the funded status of pension plans higher. Funded status gains of this magnitude lead many plan sponsors to consider de-risking by moving from growth assets to hedging assets. Long-duration securitized bonds can be an attractive allocation for pension plans interested in de-risking without adding corporate exposure’. Link: … Continued