Income Research + Management: Yields are Lowest Since 2012, & this is the Driver of Returns


Link: ‘Higher yields should help total returns in 2023. Fixed income investors benefit from higher reinvestment rates, especially those investors with longer time horizons. Coupon income typically more than offsets negative price return, and with rates now much higher, this carry should help protect investors from further downside risks.’

Maple-Brown Abbott Global Listed Infra – 10 year anniversary & Sector outlook


Maple-Brown Abbott’s Global Listed Infra fund enjoying its 10 year anniversary! The Fund recently won Zenith’s Fund Awards – Best GLI in category. The GLI sector is a beneficiary of structural trends: electrification and digitalisation, a shortage of infra, and energy transition.   Press release & outlook:

Ross Sterling, Deputy PM of TT International’s Environmental Solutions Fund, reflects on COP 27


‘…Ultimately COP27 provided further recognition  of the scale of the challenge facing the international community, with the final text highlighting that a global transition to a low carbon economy is expected to require $4-6 trillion a year. Of course, a challenge of this scale also provides an enviable opportunity for many of the environmental solution providers … Continued

Mark Mobius in conversation with Moody’s on Risks and Opportunities in EM


‘Emerging markets investor Mark Mobius speaks with Atsi Sheth of Moody’s about the risks and opportunities in the current macroeconomic environment, effects of the strong dollar, and the outlook for cryptocurrencies as an asset class’. Link:Mark Mobius in Conversation with Moody’s

Income Research + Management – Don’t Be Spooked by the Fed


Don’t Be Spooked by The Fed – Income Research + Management ‘One thing is for sure, the bond market is hurtling towards the start of a new calendar year with tremendous sensitivity and volatility around this economic uncertainty. Before we conclude that bond performance could be a redux of an extremely painful 2022, we must … Continued

Mobius Capital Partners win award from Citywire


The Mobius Investment Trust team was awarded the Citywire annual Investment Trust Award in the global emerging market equities category for the best three-year performance in their categories to the end of August. Congratulations!

TT’s Environmental Solutions Fund interviewed in FS Sustainability


“”We are looking for solutions,” (Co-Portfolio Manager) Thomas said. “We think that this is the part of the market that is likely to generate outsized returns going forward. It’s the part of the market that is leading in emerging technologies and disruptive business models. We would rather have pure-play exposure to the thematic rather than … Continued

Income Research + Management – Saving for Retirement Could Get a Boost


US lawmakers have passed ..’a series of acts this year that contain provisions designed to spur more retirement savings.’ The Bill needs to be voted on by the Senate; it includes the following: • Increase the maximum annual contribution for retirement accounts by $4,000. • Increase the age when you must begin required minimum distributions. … Continued