Venture Capital is combatting Covid-19


Runway Growth Capital shared with us this infographic which demonstrates ..”the robustness of the startup community and the wide range of industries that these companies represent during the ongoing fight against COVID”. Link: Venture Capital against Covid-19

Income Research + Management: Room to Maneuver


2020 has been a year for the ages, and not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. With the Federal Reserve (the Fed) signaling that interest rates will remain near all-time lows for the foreseeable future, countless issuers have taken inventory of their financial standing. Liability management, which preserves liquidity by balancing the maturities of assets … Continued

Uncovering climate risks in Oil & Gas: Rockefeller Asset Management’s analysis & roadmap with the Environmental Defense Fund


‘Rockefeller Asset Management’s new analysis with the Environmental Defense Fund offers a roadmap to uncovering climate risks in oil and gas joint ventures. ..galvanizing investor dialogues on this issue may both mitigate investment risks and drive reductions in climate warming, thereby linking shareholder engagement to shareholder value.’ Link:

Rockefeller Asset Management Research: ESG Improvers – Alpha Enhancing Factor


Rockefeller Asset Management (RAM) believes that investors will increasingly differentiate between ESG Leaders and ESG Improvers – those firms showing the greatest improvement in their ESG footprint – and that the latter offers a greater potential for generating uncorrelated alpha over the long-term. In our paper “ESG Improvers: An Alpha Enhancing Factor”, we discuss our … Continued