HyCap: Investments into Clean Hydrogen Continue to Accelerate


‘…Green hydrogen has been cheaper than liquefied natural gas delivered by tanker in much of Europe this year, providing a clear signal to hydrogen investors.’ There is a dizzying pace of innovation and developments in clean Hydrogen: please see article:   https://www.hycapgroup.com/the-year-of-hydrogen-has-exceeded-expectations-and-its-far-from-over/  

IR+M Core Plus Turns 5!!!


The IR+M Core Plus Composite turned five on 7/31/2022! As IR+M reflects on 35+ years as a firm, with a consistent bottom-up, duration-neutral approach to active fixed income investment management, they’ve reached a new milestone in their Core Plus journey. As part of the anniversary outreach, Ed Ingalls, Senior Investment Product Specialist, sat down with … Continued

From Carbon Cap: Feedback Mechanism on Methane Emissions


From Dr. Azlen, Founder of Carbon Cap Management, ‘New information on the acceleration in methane emissions. We are triggering multiple positive feedback mechanisms with each small increase in temperature. I have studied these mechanisms deeply and they combine to create a powerful increase in emissions. We must reduce emissions at large scale and then turn … Continued

Mobius Capital Partners – PM Carlos Hardenberg’s visit to Brazil


Mobius Capital Partners’ PM Carlos Hardenberg spent 10 days in Brazil – please see his blog ‘Entering the Kingdom of Monetary Sobriety’ and his observations on the economy and tech/digitisation. Link:https://www.mobiuscapitalpartners.com/news/a-week-in-brazil-entering-the-kingdom-of-monetary-sobriety

Hydrogen Energy will Dominate Heavy-duty Vehicles


A report by Rethink Energy believes that Hydrogen fuel cells will dominate heavy-duty vehicles by 2050. Link: https://ryzehydrogen.com/2022/06/28/hydrogen-a-slam-dunk-for-heavy-duty-transport-over-batteries/