Mobius Capital Partners January 2024 Letter to Investors


‘Since our launch in 2018, MCP has weathered a pandemic, geopolitical turbulence and economic shocks. Our strategic choices, based on a rigorous focus on quality, careful selection of management teams and business models, and a vigilant awareness of macroeconomic and company-specific risks, have steered us through these turbulent waters. We avoided investing in Russia and had almost no direct exposure to China. By taking advantage of the opportunities presented by market conditions, the Mobius Emerging Markets Fund (MEMF) has generated sustainable long-term returns, culminating in a five-year track record of significant outperformance, with return of 26.9% (Private C USD Founder, as of 29 September 2023) since inception compared with the MSCI EM USD Index return of -8.6%. In the current year alone, MEMF has outperformed the MSCI EM Index by an impressive 10% (as of 29 December 2023).’

Link:  Letter to Investors | Mobius Capital Partners