The Hedge Fund Journal – Tiber Capital’s Short-Term Trading CTA UCITS


Tiber Capital was founded in 2011 but its origins date back 20 years to the launch of a research company in 1999. The firm traded only proprietary capital for over a decade and began accepting external capital in 2015. It has thus developed very differently from most CTAs and has also delivered a distinctive return profile.

Short term traders show much lower correlations to one another than certain other types of CTAs, and a decent number of managers (some members of the SG Short Term Traders index and others, such as Tiber, that are not members) have delivered single digit annualised returns with portfolio diversification benefits in recent years. Tiber Capital has shown a slightly negative correlation to equities; near zero correlation to the Soc Gen CTA and Short-Term Traders indices, and to both indices’ individual constituents. The strategy has received The Hedge Fund Journal’s ‘UCITS Hedge’ award for best shortterm trading CTA, based on risk-adjusted returns over 2017 and 2018.

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